John Lombard

John Lombard’s brief biography: I’ve got a fairly unique life story.  Born and raised an evangelical fundamentalist Christian in Canada, I attended one of the most conservative Bible colleges in North America, and went to China as a missionary in 1993.  Today, I am still in China, but am now a Secular Humanist.

My more than twenty years in China have yielded a wealth of experiences and opportunities:

* I’ve started two successful companies here (and also one that failed), and a non-profit charity to help one of China’s indigenous ethnic minority groups.

* I was a member of the first Toastmasters group to be established in mainland China; and was the President/founder of the first Toastmasters group in Beijing.

* I’ve worked as a cross-cultural consultant to numerous multinational companies, to help both Chinese and non-Chinese to better understand each others’ cultures, and to work and communicate more effectively with each other.

* I served on the Board of Directors of the Canada-China Business Council in Beijing, to promote trade and interaction between China and Canada

* I’ve taught in some of China’s top universities, including Beijing University

* I was the personal consultant to the Mayor of Beijing during the bid for the 2008 Olympics, including helping to write the speech that he gave at their final presentation

* I’ve been a speaker at major conferences in China, India, Canada, and the U.S.

* I’ve written numerous stories, articles, and columns for various magazines and newspapers

My current passion is to promote critical thinking, and this website is a significant part of that effort.  In addition to this website, I’m working on a book (also to be entitled “Wrest In Peace”) to further elucidate on many of the ideas I’m promoting on this website.  I think that to much of our modern debate on controversial issues is being dominated by extremist voices, and it’s my desire to bring these issues back to the more moderate majority by giving them a place where they can have a voice, also.


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