The Syrian Refugee Crisis, and a Challenge to Christians

With a great many Syrian refugees in desperate need of assistance, far too many Christians seems to be hiding behind excuses and fear. Where is their belief in an all-loving and all-powerful god? An atheist challenges Christians to put their money where their faith is.

This Christmas, I was involved in four different discussions with Christians about the Syrian refugee crisis, and what their response should be.  I heard a variety of excuses why they should not get involved, or should limit their involvement.  They included things such as:

An Introduction and Welcome to “Wrest In Peace”

Wrest In Peace is the result of a passion I’ve had for many years.  Today, in many areas of public debate, most of the debate tends to be dominated by more extreme views, who rather than seeking honest debate and discussion, instead seek simply to silence all opponents and opposition.

Wrest In Peace is dedicated to a different proposition — that we can disagree with each other, and debate with each other without resorting either to violence, or to trying to shut up everyone who disagrees with us.

I’ll be honest…I love this title, “Wrest In Peace“.  First, because “Rest … Continue reading