The Syrian Refugee Crisis, and a Challenge to Christians

With a great many Syrian refugees in desperate need of assistance, far too many Christians seems to be hiding behind excuses and fear. Where is their belief in an all-loving and all-powerful god? An atheist challenges Christians to put their money where their faith is.

This Christmas, I was involved in four different discussions with Christians about the Syrian refugee crisis, and what their response should be.  I heard a variety of excuses why they should not get involved, or should limit their involvement.  They included things such as:

The Dangers of NOT Offending Religious Sensibilities

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, there has been much soul searching regarding free speech, religion, what is and isn’t offensive, and public safety. In my first blog post here at Wrest In Peace, in the spirit of battling with words and not weapons, I wanted to take this topic head-on and without apology. So here goes…

First, I think that there has been a fundamental error in how much of this discussion has been framed. Too many people, mostly those who wish to not have their “religious sensibilities” offended and their weak-kneed allies, are asking the question of what are limits to free speech and should “offensive” speech which attacks and/or ridicules religion be allowed? This viewpoint isn’t to be dismissed as trivial in light of the fact that almost 20% of Americans think religion shouldn’t be satirized. Continue reading