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Wrest In Peace has fairly strict rules, including no profanity, no personal attacks, no threats, etc. It is highly recommended that all users read the site's rules before registering. By registering, you are stating your acceptance of the rules, and intention to abide by them; and agree that your registration can be suspended or canceled if you break them.

Wrest In Peace will collect certain information, such as name, email address, IP address, etc., which is used for identification purposes, and may be used to restrict access for those who are abusing the site. None of this personal information will be shared with or sold to anyone else; and will not be used for unsolicited emails.

Wrest In Peace reserves the right to re-post any comments made by members, including in other sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but will always give appropriate credit to the original author. We also reserve the right to edit or delete posts that we consider inappropriate.

Members may request to have posts deleted by contacting us directly. We will seek to respond in as timely a manner as we can.

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