What is Wrest In Peace?

Wrest In Peace is my effort to bring something different to internet discussion of controversial or divisive topics.  Religion, racism, pseudoscience, homosexuality, politics, etc.  These are all very important topics, but the problem is that many people just don’t have enough information to decide for themselves what they believe.

Wrest In Peace is a site dedicated to the following propositions:

* that it is possible to engage in intelligent, reasoned discourse with people who hold beliefs that I think are wrong — even with people who hold beliefs that I find disgusting or reprehensible — without resorting to threats, insults, or violence.

* that it is far superior to oppose ideas that I think are wrong by presenting evidence to contradict those claims, rather than by simply trying to shut them up.

* that it is far better for people to reach conclusions based on a full understanding of the evidence and arguments for different positions, rather than basing it simply on what someone else has told them is right, or what ‘feels’ right.

* that nobody is 100% right about everything, that all of us have ideas that are wrong; and that besides seeking to demonstrate where other ideas are wrong, we should also be open to discovering where we may ourselves have ideas that are wrong.

No site or forum will meet everyone’s needs, or be interesting to everyone.  Wrest In Peace is not intended to appeal to everyone, and I’d strongly suggest that you read the section on “Is Wrest In Peace Suitable for me?“, as well as our “Rules of Conduct“.  If you do find the idea interesting or intriguing, then check out the section on, “How to use the site?“, which will tell you a lot more about what we’ve got planned, and how you can participate.  If you want to know exactly why I’m doing this, check out my article about “Why are you doing this?

Be sure to check out our FAQ, also; and if you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback, please feel free to contact me.

John Lombard
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John Lombard

I am Canadian, but have been living and working in China since 1993. I am experienced in business (started two successful companies), in education (have taught in some of China’s top universities), and in philanthropy (co-founded a non-profit organization to help one of China’s indigenous minority groups).

I am the founder of Wrest In Peace, arising from my passion to create a greater opportunity for people of different beliefs and backgrounds to better understand and communicate with each other.
John Lombard
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