Is Wrest In Peace suitable for me?

There are many, many sites on the internet for like-minded people, where ideas that they disagree with or find offensive are not allowed.  Such sites are valuable, and serve a real purpose, particularly to provide a safe haven where you won’t be attacked, where you can get support and encouragement free from the risk of facing arguments that offend, upset, or distress you.

Wrest in Peace is not one of those sites.

Wrest In Peace will be host to people who will argue for beliefs and perspectives that others will find offensive or reprehensible.  Racists, sexists, homophobes, and more.  Not because we think that these beliefs have value, but because we believe that the best way to oppose such ideas is to present clear, rational arguments and evidence to oppose them.

Unfortunately, this means that for some people, this site just won’t be suitable.  In particular:

* If you find it impossible to read or respond to offensive ideas without responding with personal attacks, profanity, etc.  Wrest In Peace is based on the principle that it is far better to oppose such ideas with evidence and rational argument than with mindless insults and invective.

* If you’ve had traumatic experiences that will cause severe emotional stress when reading such topics, I’d strongly suggest that you stay away.  There will be a lot of discussions and topics that could easily trigger such memories.

* If you are interested only in promoting your own ideas/beliefs, and have no intention or desire to listen to or respond to others, then you should go elsewhere.  Wrest In Peace participants should not only be able to express their own ideas/beliefs, but to listen to and respond to what others say, as well.  We don’t expect you to agree with everyone…but we do expect you to listen to them, and respond to them.

Please don’t write to complain that this site offends you, or doesn’t fit your needs.  Please don’t waste your time telling me that I should change everything to better fit your idea of how it should work.  There are plenty of sites already out there that will fit your particular needs and interests, and I encourage you to find and participate in those sites.

It’s impossible to make everyone happy, and I won’t even try to do so.  There are people who will find the style and purpose of Wrest In Peace to be attractive, worthwhile, and interesting.  And there are people who will dislike it, or find it pointless.

And that’s fine.

John Lombard
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John Lombard

I am Canadian, but have been living and working in China since 1993. I am experienced in business (started two successful companies), in education (have taught in some of China’s top universities), and in philanthropy (co-founded a non-profit organization to help one of China’s indigenous minority groups).

I am the founder of Wrest In Peace, arising from my passion to create a greater opportunity for people of different beliefs and backgrounds to better understand and communicate with each other.
John Lombard
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